img_0340-2Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory is located along the shores of the beautiful Bay of Quinte. We are approximately 200km east of Toronto, 65km west of Kingston, and 250km southwest of Ottawa. You can reach us from three exits off Highway 401,  Deseronto #570,  Marysville  #566, and Shannonville  #556.

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The ancestral homeland of the Mohawk Nation is the Mohawk River Valley of present day New York State.  The Mohawks are considered the easternmost Nation within the Iroquois/Six Nation Confederacy and  are referred to as the Keepers of the Eastern Door.  The original Five Nation Confederacy was made up of the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca Nations.  When the Tuscaroras were adopted into the Iroquois Confederacy around 1722 the Iroquois became known as the Six Nations Confederacy.

img_0273-2The Six Nations who travelled up from the Mohawk Valley, came through the La Chine area near Montreal, then on to the Bay of Quinte.  They were granted a tract of land although smaller than originally promised. The land tract was known as the Mohawk Tract, about the size of a township, approximately 92,700 acres on the Bay of Quinte.  A deed to this land known as the Simcoe Deed or Treaty 3 ½ was executed on April 1, 1793 by Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe.  Today there is approximately only 18,000 acres left of that original Mohawk Tract.

Within the community of Tyendinaga there are strong artistic and musical talents which have been brought to a collective  prominence through the annual Artfest held each October.   As you scroll through the pages, you may see works that interest you.  Each artist has a contact number where you may reach them for further discussion or sales.   Niá:wen.img_0316