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Art has been a lifelong interest for me. As a young child I could enjoy colouring, in great detail, for hours. My creativity then extended into sewing doll clothes on a child‛s sewing machine. Then of course, came drawing and painting which continues to be a big part of my life.

My ‘Dream Catcher Series‛ are done in pen and ink. I enjoy the detail and preciseness of pen and ink. In the past I have used watercolours, oils and acrylics. Since time is often at a premium I tend to enjoy the efficiency of using acrylics. I did take one year of Graphic Arts at Humber College and one year of Fine Arts at Algonquin College. I continue to take classes or workshops that peak my interest as I feel that there are always new methods and techniques to learn and discover.

Many things inspire me, such as other artists, photographs, cultural events, dreams, etc. My advice to others interested in art would be, contacts, contacts, contacts. Continually network and seek out new contacts in the art world. Converse and support fellow artists. Continue to study and learn from others. Follow your dream.