Painter, Author, Teacher

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Janice Brant was born and raised in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. The historic Mohawk community is situated along the north shore of the Bay of Quinte, in southern Ontario. It is known to the Mohawk Nation and people of the Haudenosaunee as the homeland and birthplace of the Peacemaker, an important figure in oral history.

She holds a B.A.H. in Indigenous Studies from Trent University,  B.Ed.  in Aboriginal Teacher Education from Queens University, and a Masters of Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University. She has worked as a literacy practitioner,  Aboriginal Education Consultant,  Professor, and Mohawk Language and culture teacher for 20 years.  Janice includes art and storytelling in her teaching practice with both adults and children.

In 2010  Janice Brant began sharing her artwork and since that time has participated in several exhibitions including the First Nations Art Show hosted by the Woodland Cultural Centre, Aboriginal Artfest a show of local artists in Tyendinaga,  Expressions 2015 presented by the Quinte Arts Council, and Aboriginal Art Show and Sale hosted by Gallery 121 to name a few.   She  also displays her works at Pow-wows and the Native Arts Festival hosted by Loyalist College.

She is a primitive artist. Some of the art she shares is based on personal study, over several years of her relationship with Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) teachings and culture.  Janice finds inspiration in the scroll, dome, plant, tree, bead, ornament and border designs that adorned the ceremonial clothing of her ancestors. Using ink and paper, paint and canvas, traditional designs and symbols have new meaning and tell a revitalized story of creation, balance, and harmony with the plant and animal world.

If art, in any form, is something you love to do, keep at it. Don’t give up, learn and follow your heart and your dreams.