Photographer, Musician, Singer, Teacher, Songwriter

Contact Information

Jennifer is a singer, songwriter, and photographer from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. She has always been drawn to the arts and her creative spirit. For many years she focussed on music and song writing but lately she has been exploring photography again. With both forms of art she tries capturing the special moments in time and the emotions they evoke.

Jennifer’s inspiration for photography comes from her Mohawk heritage, the land, travel, life experiences and her family. Macro photography is a tool she uses to help focus our attention to see the tiniest detail we might otherwise miss. She invites you to interpret the feelings of reverence, love and respect influenced from her culture and spiritual surroundings.

Jennifer is an inspirational song writer and she also plays rhythm guitar and bass while accompanied by her husband Kieran Edwards or her band Mustang.

As she states in one of her songs, “Live our dreams and love our life.”