Carver, Antler, Bone

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Art has always been a part of my life, right from childhood. At school when I should have been paying more attention, instead I was busy scribbling little drawings on my books. But when the teachers looked at all the little pictures they  told both me and my parents that I would be an artist some day.

Many things led to this medium. Fascinated by the hieroglyphics in Egyptian and other middle eastern buildings and statues. Amazed by what was created out of jade and ivory in the past. Soon I wanted to see what I could do. Carving just seemed to come naturally and now I‛ve been working with antlers from various animals for over eight years. The antlers seem to be the right medium to express my cultural heritage.

With this love of carving I find I can go into my own space while engrossed in whatever I am working on. My life is reflected in my art. There is a spiritual energy that comes through everything I do. It gives me a release from the worldly exterior pressures and allows a feeling of being alive and fulfilled when I work on these creations. Search for your calling, your artistic centre. Believe in it, that it is possible for you to do it. Have faith in what you do.

Whatever you choose, allow it to be a reflection of who you are. Use the art form you choose, as a door to a new future.

Carver – Antler, bone