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I was lucky enough to have teachers at a young age who encouraged me to try many different mediums in art . I also enrolled in classes at my local arts resource centre. I started with school projects and found I really enjoyed them, so I continued my art outside of class.

I tend to work with many different mediums, depending on the piece. I think of what subject I’d like to depict and choose my medium to match the feel I think best fits the piece.

Extremely skilled teachers in high school who pursued their art career outside of teaching, were a great benefit to me.

A lot of my inspiration comes from nature or everyday events. I often like to work from photographs I’ve taken in the past and translate them into another medium.

If you are interested in art in any way, just DO IT! Even if it doesn’t turn into a professional endeavour, art is a great way to relieve stress and express emotion in a productive and healthy way.

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