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Music has played a significant role in my life since I was a child. My first piano came into a two bedroom house with barely enough room for six children and Mom. Today my music room is a sanctuary housing my forty year collection of various instruments.

Creating music and performing is my living connection with the Spirit. It is the place where time, fatigue and imbalance are lost to consciousness; where my spirit is lifted, where willing participants sing along or tap the beat to connect with that Spirit experience.

Piano lessons came easily from 10-13 years of age and a handful of singing lessons gathered tips that complimented a growing confidence to perform. My audience ranges from a handful to 2500 people who listen to songs selected to speak to the soul.

I have been blessed by and am truly thankful for, all the encouraging friends, family and listeners who I cross paths with on this earth.

My words of encouragement for all those trying to build and discover their gifts of creativity, is to believe – believe in your gift, believe in creation and Creator, and especially believe that your spirit will guide you if you’re quiet enough to listen.