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I felt I must have been born with art in my mind, or at least from my earliest remembrances this seems to be the case. Both Mom and Dad told me stories, but Dad, who was himself and artist, added an extra dimension to my bedtime stories by sketching little things to go along with the story.

Choosing a 2-dimensional view came completely natural, as I saw, paintings on the walls of my home, and more whenever I visited galleries. The light seemed to be so important and the illusion and depth seemed to work better in this medium. It was that depth of perspective where you can see far and imagine more that continues to lead me on.

My first teachings were from my father’s knee, but later on, while working on the prairies in the 1990s, I took classes in water colours, print making, oils and various other styles. Print making still is a favourite of mine, and silk screening or serigraphy.

What continues to inspire me, is the possibly of doing better.

My advice to anyone thinking of entering an artistic field, is to learn the basics of drawing, from that foundation, you can build, but keep at it. Then immerse yourself in art, visit museums, galleries, and read art books. Never limit yourself, but surround yourself with examples of art from every field.