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I started beading around 2009. A friend of mine was showing two of my other friends how to bead a simple necklace. They asked if I wanted to try, so decided to join in. I bet you can‛t guess what happened next? Well it turns out, I‛m a natural BEADER. The funny thing is, when he saw how well I was doing that first time, my friend said to me, “It‛s like your ancestors are talking to you.” I guess he was right. Ever since that time, I haven‛t been able to walk away from beading because it feels like a part of my soul had awakened that day. In the end, I guess the medium chose me, I didn‛t choose the medium.

As a modern Native beading artist, I love undertaking new challenges and attempting new designs in order to sharpen my skills. I like to craft new beading patterns that don‛t always fit into the traditional Native beading box. I have never used a loom, as all of my work is done through off loom beading. I feel that by using this particular method, I end up putting more of my heart and soul into all of the pieces I create.

Maureen is willing to do beadwork that is commissioned by private individuals. Maureen is a First Nations Plains Cree woman welcomed into the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte territory.