Actor, Singer, Photographer

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My journey as an artist began many years ago. I am an actor, beginning when I was about 10 years old. I grew up doing musical theatre. I developed a passion for photography approximately four years ago when I started to really notice the beauty around me.

On of my great interests is attending auctions sales and antique shows. I began going for the entertainment and excitement generated by the auctioneer. However, I slowly discovered the reason shifted to the thrill of bidding on and winning items at the sale. My eye for quality auction items developed rapidly. It is the same ‘eye’ I use as a photographer. I see things others miss in the world.

My only training is “on the job” training. I get out with my camera, ‘shoot’ the world and see what ‘develops’.

I am continuously inspired by the world Creator lays out before me. Whether it is walking through a field in the country or walking down Yonge Street in Toronto. The Creator finds a way to be seen and heard.

Having had the experience of theatre, movies and music around me most of my life, I also indulge myself in these.  I so enjoy acting, especially in the musical theatre genre.  Besides being on stage playing some character I’ve also enjoyed doing Broadway style singing for regular audiences or dinner crowds.  Through the years, I’ve also been given the inspiration to write poetry and prose, some of which has been published. Life is full of wonderful moments that can be expressed in so many different ways.

Do not allow your voice to be dictated by others. You can be inspired by the works of your fellow artists, however, allow your own voice and style to flow and come out in your work. That really is true in life as well. Never give your power away to someone else.