Musician, Drummer, Guitarist

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I‛ve always been highly interested in music even as a child. My mother and brother both played guitar and I always wanted to be able to do it. It intrigued me more than so many other things, because there‛s a huge sense of self-expression connected to it. Writing and playing music has been something that connects to me in different ways from anything else. It‛s an intellectual practice that ties into physical, psychological, and
emotional ways in which we express ourselves and I love that about it.

I‛ve taken drum lessons for 9 years and I‛m self taught at guitar. I‛m currently in the process of finishing my education to become a high school music teacher.

Essentially any kind of music inspires me in different ways. I try to always expand my musical library and I‛m always open to suggestions from anyone. The internet has really expanded our abilities to hear and share music nowadays and I think it‛s a very important part of modern musical society.

Constantly push yourself to learn new things. You can get bored quickly playing the same things over and over, but if you take the time to practice your instrument everyday then things will start to fall into place and you‛ll see yourself progress. Once the sense of practice becomes natural, less of a chore, then you will really enjoy playing your instrument.