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I took pictures sporadically with the really old-fashioned cameras when I was really young. Then I borrowed my brother-in-law’s SLR camera in the early 90s and that hooked me on doing even more with photography. I bought my own SLR in 2008. I then started photographing nature, animals and my family. Put them on my own blog in 2008 to showcase them and have updated it ever since!

I like animals and nature and saw a lot of photos of other’s work, so that inspired me to get on the bandwagon. Learning about technology and getting a digital SLR was a perfect fit with those two interests.

I’ve taken various courses at Henry’s camera store as well as several online courses. Always good to read and do research and check out what is happening with others.

I’m inspired by other people’s work as well as nature itself. If you wish to be a photographer, go for it. You won’t know if you like it unless you try. Borrow someone’s camera for a couple of weeks and find your passion, whether it be nature, portrait, scenic, architecture or some other type of inspiration that works for you.