Actress, Singer, Dancer

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I don‛t remember a time when art wasn‛t a part of my life. I started dance class in tap and jazz when I was three and it escalated from there. I‛ve always been interested in all kinds of art forms, dancing, acting, playing instruments and designing costumes. So, it has been a big part of my life already.

I perform simply because it makes me happy. The look on people‛s faces as they leave a performance and the adrenalin I feel after performing makes all the hard work worth it. I‛ve been in choirs, many shows and have taken singing lessons on and off with many different teachers. Now I‛ve graduated from Sheridan College‛s Performing Arts Preparation course and I am currently studying Dance performance at Centennial College in Toronto. I also teach younger kids who are interested in acting and dance. The look on their faces when they learn something new or finally get something right, the way they never give up, and how much they believe in me always inspires me.

Don‛t be afraid of rejection, it‛s going to happen, but that‛s okay because when you finally get the ‘yes‛, it will feel so much better. So great to have a supportive family behind you. Always try to improve, constantly look for inspiration and NEVER GIVE UP.