Traditional Singers

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Mandy Smart, Carlene Smart, Allie Sero, Crystal Loft and Nichole Green.


“Te Konti Rennahkwa”
They Pick Up the Songs

The Mohawk title sounds like this, using phonetics, Day gondie runuckwa.
Mandy Smart started her quest to learn our Mohawk Social Songs in the mid 1990’s.  Practice was at our house after school every Tuesday and the young girls would get off of the bus, eat supper and sing with us.  Later we formed a group and we were  allowed to use the Quinte Mohawk School gym to teach those wishing to learn and sing with us.
Mandy, my daughter, our lead singer and water drummer learned many songs and attends the “Sings” which occur twice a year.  These ‘Sings’ are in spring and late fall and are held on one of our seven Territories.
Through the years we have been able to write some of our own verses and add them to the ancient ones.
We have sung at Akwasasne, Onadoga, Six Nations, London, Ontario, Toronto and Ottawa just to name a few.  Several times we have been invited to perform and share some of our ‘Ceremony’ songs for government facilities within Ontario.
We are looking forward to putting the old and new verses together on a CD. Not only will people be able to hear the songs, but have the opportunity to learn them as well.