Painter, Sculptor, Metalwork

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My entire family has always been involved in the arts. I began drawing and doing beadwork when I was very young and that turned into a strong passion for colour and form.

I chose to work with acrylic paint on canvas and beads because I usually enjoy the way the beads depend the colour of the paint, almost creating a 3D image. Beadwork is also very special to me because it is a major part of our Traditional Arts.

Secondly I chose working with metal because it represents strength in my eyes. To be able to move something as hard as iron or steel is incredibly empowering. Yet you must have the utmost respect for the medium or you could get very hurt. It is a very inspiring medium to work with.

I attended the Haliburton School of the Arts for Visual and Creative Arts, Blacksmithing and Sculpture. Each course taught me something new, but the blacksmithing course was, by far, the most beneficial to my art practice.

I am continually inspired by the organic forms found in nature, as well as our Mohawk Culture. Everywhere you look, there is an art piece waiting to be brought to life.

If you are interested in art, pursue it. Learn whatever you can about it, and do not limit yourself to only what you have learned. Experimentation is most definitely necessary. Don’t be afraid to try something new – it could be your million dollar idea.